There are various places for weekend picnic plans with ethical and ancient values to visit and experience the real beauty of our antecedents construction near Chincholi Morachi.

Manibhadravir Maharaj (Pabal) =

10 KMs from Kanhur Mesai, which is ancient temple of Jain community. Every Sunday lot of Jain community people come to visit this place and get the blessings of Maharaj. The temple itself is very beautiful and its well known for its artistic construction.

Sardar Pawar’s Wda (Malthan) =

8 KMs from Morachi Chincholi. This place has historical value from Mughal times, Here, one more point of attraction is excellent Hemadpanthi temple of Mallikarjun Maharaj. Carnival is arranged every year on the occasion of Mahashivrari over here.

Shri Ramling Mandir (Shirur) =

20 KMs from Chincholi Morachi. This place holds ethical value from the time of Prabhu Shri Ram. It is faith of all people residing here, When Shri Prabhu Ram was in exile for 14 years in Dandkaranya, daily He used to worship God Shiva over here.

Image of Somnath Hemadpanthi Temple from Saurashtra (Pimpri Dumaala) = 3 KMs from Ranjangaon Ganapati.