Excursion in Morachi Chincholi

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Entry fee morachi chincholi

 Tour planning: ENTRY FEES:
A] If you are planning for one day excursion [all inclusive]

1 Adult = Rs. 600/-

1 Child# [rates are set as per the age of child in years]

From 0 – 10 years = Rs. 250/-

From 10 years onward = Rs. 400/-

Once you reach to our home, you’ll have delicious breakfast prepared by our Aunt. And then can go around our farm in tractor/bullock cart to enjoy the various outdoor activities, total drip irrigation for mango & custard apple, swings in field, Diesel engine, farmer’s tools for cultivation.

As you’re going to travel from Pune/Mumbai, which would not be possible to reach this much early. So in the afternoon, Janardan will accompany you and will take you closer to Peacock’s dwelling place, but some times, peacocks run away if they see stranger coming closer to them.  So you’d maintain safe distance from peacocks. Obey the instructions mentioned by Uncle to enjoy your stay.

Please read Terms & Conditions.

[One day trip includes, Snacks, delicious  lunch with full of Desi Ghee & Tea/Milk]

B] If you are planning for overnight stay [1 day & 1 night] Check In : 12:00 PM & Check Out : 10:00 AM. [all inclusive]

## Dormitory Room Charges:

1 Adult = Rs. 1200/-

1 Child [Below 10 years] = Rs. 800/-

1 Child [Above 10 years] = Regular Charges as per Adult.


## Regular  Room Charges:

1 Adult = Rs. 1400/-

1 Child [Below 10 years] = Rs. 800/-

1 Child [Above 10 years] = Regular Charges as per Adult.


## Cottage for Family [2 Adults + 1 kid] are available now.

Rs. 1600 /- per Person + Rs. 800/- per Kid

Example, If family containing Mother, Father and a kid needs cottage, then it will be

Total Rs. 1600 + Rs. 1600 + Rs.800 = Rs.4000/-

Note: Rooms should be vacated on Check out time, delay will affect next Guest’s staying schedule. So cooperation is expected.

Call us for more details…

You’d plan in such a way that, you can arrive at lunch time. After lunch you can take nap in the cool shadow of Mango Trees in our field.

After that, you can enjoy a walk around our village to glimpse the wonders of countryside life and get prepared for peacock viewing in the evening.

Enjoy dinner with our family members under open sky in the presence of moon & stars (which you miss in the city culture).

In early morning, you can get up and observe the peacocks arriving near our home for their morning feed.

Shivar pheri (trip around the village in tractor/bullock cart) and get overview of cultivation and farming followed by our farmers in Morachi Chincholi.

Please read Terms & Conditions.

[In over night stay, you’ll be staying with our family in our home, so that you can experience the rural culture closely]

i)  We, as family, belong to Varkari sampradaay, so the meals provided at our home are strictly vegetarian. Packaged drinking water will be served for overnight stay tourists.

ii) We have limited space and man power. We always take bookings in such a way that, every couple or group can enjoy every minute of their stay in our Agri Tourism. So Booking cancellation or alteration in staying period will not be accepted once you reach to our place.

iii) Alcohol, tobacco & smoking are strictly prohibited.

iv) Side seeing charges will be extra for Nighoj (Ranjan Khalage on kukadi river – world famous Pot holes), Ranjangaon, Malthan and near by culturally valued villages.

v) 10% discount will be offered on group [minimum 20] booking from Monday to Friday.

Entry fee Morachi Chincholi
Entry fee Morachi Chincholi

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ADITYA · May 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm

What is the charge for one night from 8pm to nxt morng 9am??? plz reply soon

Sneha · October 20, 2009 at 6:11 am


Check out some of the snaps, when we visited Morachi chincholi to last month..
We had real fun over there, n Thopate kaka-kaku n dada they are really nice 🙂


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